Dear system manager,

you are on the webpage on which you can update the milestones (MS) of your PANDA system and its progress score.
Here are just a few explanations of the procedure - i hope most of it is self explaining.
In order to see any MS on this page you need to log into the website.
Below there is a list of all MS (only visible if you are authorized, i.e. you are sucessfully logged in). You can scroll to the PSP code of your system and click on it to open the page with your system. You then just click on the "Edit" tab to open the editor frontend to update the dates. The editor is only useable by the colleagues, who are listed behind the keyword "Editor" on your system page. If you want to save your changes, you can use "Save" at the buttom of the page and if you have finalized the update you should click on "publish", which changes the background color from pink to white, which is the indicator for the TC that we can use the data for the FAIR project management reporting.
If you need further help or more explanations you can read a short presentation of the PANDA milestone collector (use arrow keys to navigate, h for help).
Here are the steps summarized:

  • log in
  • open your system's page (click on PSP code)
  • Edit the MS dates - save your work
  • Publish your update

That's all! :-)

NB You may find the link to our milestone definitions useful as well as an MS overview with gantt charts.
NEW: You can download a calendar file in ical format with all milestones. Current state: Q1 2022 (Older plannings: Q2 2021)

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