Strong 2020 HaSP school


Tuesday, 5 September, 2023 to Thursday, 14 September, 2023


The aim of the school is to provide an overview of the present status and progress in hadron structure and dynamics, as well as a preview of the forthcoming investigations.

It will cover lectures on both experimental and theoretical aspects, including in particular the presentation of new results.

The main topics of the school are:

  • Effective Field Theories of QCD (Introduction to non relativistic EFTs (HQET, NRQCD, pNRQCD) and chiral effective field theory. Quark-gluon plasma, heavy-ion collisions, thermal field theory, effective field theories at finite temperature)
  • Analysis tools for hadron physics (Cross sections, Dalitz plot, helicity formalisms, S-Matrix constraints, reaction amplitude parametrization, hands-on with simulated data)
  • Hadron physics experiments (Experimental Methods in Hadron Spectroscopy. Light Mesons with open and hidden strangeness. Mesons spin and parity determination procedure. Baryon spectroscopy in the light sector. Photo and electro-production of mesons on nucleon targets. Polarization observables and complete reactions. Experimental and statistical methods for data analysis. Applications to data: polarization observable and cross section extraction)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Antonio Vairo (T.U. Munich)
  • Jacopo Ghiglieri (CNRS, IN2P3)
  • Vincent Mathieu (U. Barcelona)
  • Miguel Albaladejo (IFIC Valencia)
  • Annalisa D'Angelo (U. Roma and INFN)
  • Alessandra Filippi (INFN Torino)
  • Derek Glazier (U. Glasgow)
  • Lucilla Lanza (U. Rome Tor Vergata)
  • Nickolas Zachariou (U. York)


C. Fonseca, 4
37002 Salamanca


Event location: