EMMI Workshop: Bound states and particle interactions in the 21st century


Monday, 3 July, 2023 to Thursday, 6 July, 2023


The purpose of the workshop is an in-depth dedicated discussion of the results obtained in low energy regime of quantum-chromodynamics both on experimental and theoretical side.

Experimental results coming from six world-class research infrastructures which complement each other in particle beams characteristics (JLAB, RHIC, GSI, JPARC, LNF-INFN, CERN) together with current theoretical studies of strong interactions will be overviewed.

The workshop will also aim at reinforcing the contacts of scientists working in different experiments and at various energy regimes and to foster a close contact with the theoreticians working on different fields and approaches.

A platform for a common discussion of further developments in the field, experimentally and theoretically, will be provided to delineate the exciting future perspectives of the study of low energy QCD.




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