DIRC2019: Workshop on fast Cherenkov detectors


Wednesday, 11 September, 2019 to Friday, 13 September, 2019


Photon detection, DIRC design and DAQ

The workshop will focus on the design of fast DIRC Cherenkov detectors as they are currently being planned for the PANDA experiment at FAIR and elsewhere in the world. Issues like the fast detection of single photons, the light propagation in radiator material and the fast data acquisition of arrival times and photon amplitudes make the subject interesting for many other experiments. We will try to make the workshop effective and inspiring as well for experts as for students.

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Castle Rauischholzhausen


ID TA-WKS-2019-048 - Contribution title: Forward RICH at PANDA
ID TA-WKS-2019-061 - Contribution title: Status of the PANDA Barrel DIRC Project

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