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TA-COL-2021-009 Strangeness studies with PANDA at Phase One Talk (TA) Johan Messchendorp 31Mar2021 PDF icon TA-COL-2021-009.pdf
TA-WKS-2021-006 Can We Resolve the Nature of χc1(3872) with PANDA? Talk (TA) Klaus Götzen, Frank Nerling 19Mar2021 PDF icon TA-WKS-2021-006.pdf
TH-PHD-2021-001 Development of the Fast Timing Panda Barrel Time-of-Flight Detector Thesis (TH) Sebastian Zimmermann 04Feb2021 PDF icon TH-PHD-2021-001.pdf
Document ID Title Publication type Author Date File
TH-PHD-2020-007 Development of an online track finding algorithm for the PANDA Luminosity Detector and search for the decay channel e+e- -> hc eta pi pi at the center of mass energy of 4.6 GeV at BESIII Thesis (TH) Stephan Maldaner 29Dec2020 PDF icon TH-PHD-2020-007.pdf
TA-WKS-2020-029 Future Physics with PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Karin Schönning 09Nov2020 PDF icon TA-WKS-2020-029.pdf
RE-TDR-2020-007 Update to the Technical Design Report for the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Report (RE) F.H. Heinsius et al. 08Oct2020 PDF icon RE-TDR-2020-007.pdf, PDF icon RE-TDR-2020-007.pdf
TA-WKS-2020-028 Studying TDAs with pp → e+e−π0 at the PANDA Experiment Talk (TA) Stefan Diehl 22Sep2020 PDF icon TA-WKS-2020-028.pdf
RE-TDR-2020-003 Infrastructure and Installation Report Report (RE) Lars Schmitt 14Sep2020 PDF icon RE-TDR-2020-003.pdf
TA-CON-2020-026 Physics Prospects of PANDA at FAIR Talk (TA) Miriam Kümmel 04Sep2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-026.pdf
TH-PHD-2020-006 Performance und Lebensdauer von MCP-PMTs der neuesten Generation hinsichtlich ihrer Einsetzbarkeit im P̄ANDA-Experiment Thesis (TH) Markus Pfaffinger 10Aug2020 PDF icon TH-PHD-2020-006.pdf
RE-TDR-2020-006 Technical Design Report for the: PANDA Data Acquisition and Event Filtering Report (RE) M. Kavatsyuk 10Aug2020 PDF icon RE-TDR-2020-006.pdf
TA-CON-2020-027 Overview of the PANDA Detector design at FAIR Talk (TA) A. Belias 29Jun2020
RE-MGM-2020-002 PANDA Annual Report 2019 Report (RE) Klaus Peters 05May2020 PDF icon RE-MGM-2020-002.pdf
TH-PHD-2020-005 Digital Signal Processing for the Measurement of Particle Properties with the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeter Thesis (TH) Oliver Noll 23Apr2020 PDF icon TH-PHD-2020-005.pdf
TH-PHD-2020-004 Developments for the FPGA-Based Digitiser in the PANDA Electromagnetic Calorimeters Thesis (TH) Markus Preston 17Apr2020 PDF icon TH-PHD-2020-004.pdf
TA-DPG-2020-009 Design optimizations and assembly status of the Electromagentic Target Calorimeter of the PANDA experiment Talk (TA) Markus Moritz 28Mar2020 PDF icon TA-DPG-2020-009.pdf
TA-WKS-2020-014 Partial Wave Analysis of pbarp->phiphi Talk (TA) Iman Keshk 05Mar2020 PDF icon TA-WKS-2020-014.pdf
TA-CON-2020-023 The PANDA Luminosity Detector Talk (TA) Rene Hagdorn 04Mar2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-023.pdf
TH-MAS-2020-002 Performance Studies of pp → ppπ⁰ and pp → ppη Reconstruction for the PANDA Day-1 Setup Thesis (TH) Jana Rieger 02Mar2020 PDF icon TH-MAS-2020-002.pdf
TA-CON-2020-004 FPGA-based algorithms for feature extraction in the PANDA shashlyk calorimeter Talk (TA) Markus Preston 28Feb2020 PDF icon TA-CON-2020-004.pdf