For the envisaged experimental program a nearly full coverage of the solid angle together with good particle identication and high energy and angular resolutions for charged particles and photons are mandatory.


The proposed detector is subdivided into the target spectrometer (TS) consisting of a solenoid around the interaction region and a forward spectrometer (FS) based on a dipole to momentum-analyze the forward-going particles. The combination of two spectrometers allows a full angular coverage, it takes into account the wide range of energies and it still has sufficient flexibility, so that individual components can be exchanged or added for specific experiments.

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Tracking System

The Tracking System.

Particle Identification

The PID Devices.

Electromagnetic Calorimetry

The Electromagnetic Calorimeters.

Forward Spectrometer

The Forward Spectrometer.

Target System / Beamline

The Target System and Beamlines

The Magnet System

The Solenoid and Dipol.